Moonshine Gold

Use as a Primary Draw or Super Charge Your Own

Moonshine Gold ™ is made from real distilling concentrates that contain ALL the nutrients not used to make alcohol. (The good stuff for deer.) We mix this with all natural dry molasses pieces to create and AMAZINGLY powerful deer and wildlife attractant… MOONSHINE GOLD ™. Because it’s light and flaky it’s easy to carry and covers a large surface area, when it rains… the molasses particles melt and put off an even stronger odor.

Your Deer Feed Stinks – After Rain and 72 hours

Everyone has their favorite deer feed / attractant. Almost all of them will bring in deer. However, as soon as it rains, the soil microbes and bacteria cause your feed to rot and decay. This process puts off foul odors.  So, simply freshen it up with a day pack of MoonShine Gold ™.  Even if rains, no problem. The DRY molasses particles then melt and put off a strong sweet odor.

moonshinegold deer feed

Keep Using Your Favorite – Just Freshen Up

Moonshine Gold™ Drives Deer Crazy, fills them with Quality Nutrition, and draws them in within 24 hours.  It’s Not RAW and Has a sweet ROASTED smell.  Has32% Protein – 17 Amino Acids to build quality bodies and racks.

rotting deer cornmoonshine gold with molassesShare and Win Cool Stuff

How we use Moonshine Gold

Fast Results Video

In the video below, NOTHING but Moonshine Gold ™ was placed out at 12 noon. Watch what happens over the next 16 hours.

What is Moonshine Gold?

In this video Doc shows why he likes Moonshine Gold and how he uses it.

Deer Come in HOURS – Not Weeks

Sprinkle Moonshine Gold™ over your current feed or by itself.  If the deer are downwind, they will come find it in 24 hours. Raw corn and grain products simply can’t produce the same attractant.

moonshine gold deer mash

The SMELL – Even You Can’t Resist

What does it smell like? Take Corn Pops cereal, molasses, and yeast… mix them up and you have the sweet smell of Moonshine Gold. 

2019 – 2020 Trail Cams

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Draw them in within 24 Hours