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Odocoileus virginianus (White-tailed deer)
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General hunting info
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> Deer Hunting Info by State
> Harvest Stats By State (New)
> Deer Density Map
    Link to QDMA map
> All State DNR Offices
    Full listing by state.
> Score your buck online
    Great link to the B&C Club
> Moon Phases

Deer biology and facts...
> Great Basic Deer Info
    Learn things you never knew about
    the whitetail.
> Your Sub-Species of Deer
Don't get confused...
> Antler Development
    Great photos, watch'em grow.
> Deer Anatomy Pics
    Great pics for shot placement 
    understanding and learning.
> Deer Aging
    How old is he really?
> Deer Vocalization
(Deer Talk)
>Chronic Wasting Disease
    We all need to know the facts.
> Fish & Wildlife Survey
    Read the national stats

Live Deer Photos
    Amazing gallery growing
    every week. Send yours.
> Hunting Pictures
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> Collectables  
    Fun old stuff...

Managing land & herd...
> Managing your land
    Food plots, planting and more.
> Herd Management
    Understanding QDM practices.

Hunting gear...
> Product Reviews
    All products have been field tested
    by us or one of our field staff.
> New Hunting Gear
    See the "new stuff" that we all just
    have to have.
> Free Targets Download
    Download free targets from
> Rifleman, Firearms & Acc
    If you love guns you love this.
> Archery
    Specialty section showcasing the
    newest products.
> Muzzle Loading
    Specialty section showcasing the
    newest products.
> Hunting Clothing and Boots

> ATV's
    Really neat rides. Read the reviews.
> Treestands
Deer Calls
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Game Cameras
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> Book a Deer Hunt
   Search every state for the outfitters
   and guide services.
> Hunting Leases(Rebuilding Page)
    Listed by state.
> Hunting Land (Rebuilding Page)
    Locate your land by state
> Hunting Clubs(Rebuilding Page)
    Find club openings in your area
> Hunting Tips
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    Short informative articles and tips.
    Check your hunting days.
> Kids Corner
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    allowed without know the secret

> Hunting Shows
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    Find a listing of all the hunting shows
    across the nation.

> Deer Expos
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> Library of other hunting sites
> We support Anti-Hunters?
An interesting commentary to those who write us with negative comments.


 This deer hunting website contains information on state deer hunting regulations, deer hunting outfitters, deer bow hunting / deer archery products, muzzle loading or muzzle loading and other websites that contain other deer hunting information. You will find DNR listings and deer hunting directories. Directories of all sorts can be found here. Deer hunters seeking outfitters or a way to book deer hunts can use our outfitters section. Looking for food plots? Try our deer food plot section. how about managing your deer herd? Doe management can really help. Lease and deer hunting property for sale can be found here and soon we will have lots of deer hunting lease info as well as hunting property directories. 
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 State directory and information

The following pages are still being re-worked or developed and are not complete.

Alabama deer hunting
Alaska deer hunting
Arizona deer hunting
Arkansas deer hunting
California deer hunting
Colorado deer hunting
Connecticut deer hunting
Delaware deer hunting
Florida deer hunting
Georgia deer hunting
Idaho deer hunting
Illinois deer hunting
Indiana deer hunting
Iowa deer hunting
Kansas deer hunting
Kentucky deer hunting
Louisiana deer hunting
Maine deer hunting
Maryland deer hunting
Massachusetts deer hunting
Michigan deer hunting
Minnesota deer hunting
Mississippi deer hunting
Missouri deer hunting
Montana deer hunting
Nebraska deer hunting

Nevada deer hunting
New Hampshire deer hunting
New Jersey deer hunting
New Mexico deer hunting
New York deer hunting
North Carolina deer hunting
North Dakota deer hunting
Ohio deer hunting
Oklahoma deer hunting
Oregon deer hunting
Pennsylvania deer hunting
Rhode Island deer hunting
South Carolina deer hunting

South Dakota deer hunting
Tennessee deer hunting
deer hunting
Utah deer hunting
Vermont deer hunting
Virginia deer hunting
Washington deer hunting
West Virginia deer hunting
Wisconsin deer hunting
Wyoming deer hunting






























Welcome to your new deer hunting home.
Warning: This is a huge website and may cause divorce.

It is Now LIVE Whitetail Tube

See the new "TUBE" site devoted to deer hunters. We updated this site over the past few weeks. WARNING, you could spend all night on this one. VISIT IT NOW is a website created by a father and son as "fun project". (Not some big corporation.) Little did we realize that millions of hunters would join us and use our service for locating information and enjoyment. We hope you enjoy it and come back every few days as we update it often.


"I have a passion for whitetail deer, not a passion for killing them. The fact that I deer hunt does not make me their enemy, but their guardian."
A new site that is being worked on by us. Preview 
Deer Harvest Stats for many states. Very cool info.
Is this buck a fine in your club? Voted best article on site.
Fun Deer Hunting Logos that every loves to steal. ya go.
Deer moon phase charts and info. Find the moon info.
Venison Recipes
Tons of ideas and great recipes.
Can you guess?
Bet you are wrong.
See if you're right.
Why we support REAL anti-hunters? Read and find out.
Best Home Videos
We post our picks from YouTube.
You MUST watch
the practical joke video.
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VERY COOL deer density map. Try your area.  GO NOW

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Deer Processors.
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How Old is He Really?

Some great information if you want to get technical about the aging of deer. Read it

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Need Free Targets. We show you where.

Awesome Video...
Watch the buck fight with a strange twist.
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Here is great example of things we like to show you....
We stumbled onto this website last year. Unlike anything we have seen before. It is a fun place to go and really different pics. CLICK HERE

Food Plots and Plantings
A new  deer hunting section that will soon have over 20 deer hunting articles about planting and managing your land. Be patient with us. We do have "real jobs" too.
See the new pages

What's for

All Kinds of Deer Hunting Articles

 Biology Of The Rut    Understanding Scrapes
The Moon's Affects on Hunting

Just a sample...
More coming this week.

Deer Hunting - Whitetail Scents, Glands and Organs

Deer use pheromones, or scents, to communicate type of sex, sexual readiness, dominance, direction of travel and possibly fear by: 1. self-impregnation (leaving scent on themselves) and 2. leaving scents on the ground and vegetation, and at the visual and chemical signposts of rubs and scrapes. These scents are so specific that deer have the ability to distinguish individual scent no matter how many other deer are in the area. Glands produce many of these deer scents.

Forehead Glands The forehead glands are located between the top of the eyes and the antlers. They are most active during the rut. The activity of these glands has been positively correlated with age and probable social status; they are most active in older, dominant bucks. The glands produce an oily substance making the hair appear dark. The oil is transferred to rubbed trees and the overhanging branch at scrapes when the head of the buck comes in contact with the tree; and is used by dominant bucks to advertise their presence to both sexes. Marking trees and branches with forehead scent is a means of dominance and recognition among bucks. It has been noted that dominant bucks create most rubs, and they rub more often than subdominants. The scent from the forehead glands may be used as a priming pheromone to bring does into estrus; and to synchronize the timing of the rut between bucks and does when it is left in areas used by does.

Pre-orbital Gland Located in front of the eye, this gland is under muscular control and may be opened by rutting bucks to signal aggressive behavior. Females open this gland when tending fawns. It may not be rubbed on the overhanging branch as previously thought.

Nasal Gland These two almond shaped glands are located inside the nostrils and are probably used to lubricate the nose. They may also be used to leave scent on overhanging branches.

Vomeronasal Organ This diamond shaped organ is located on the roof of the mouth and serves some of the same purposes as the nose. It is used primarily to analyze urine, possibly while performing the lip curl and sniff, or Flehmen gesture, when a buck curls its upper lip and sucks air into its mouth so that scents come in contact with the vomeronasal organ. It is usually performed by a buck that is with/trailing an estrus doe. Analysis of urine through the vomeronasal organ may help to synchronize the breeding readiness between bucks and does, and ensure that both sexes are in peak breeding condition at the same time.

Salivary Glands These glands inside the mouth produce saliva, which contains enzymes to help in digestion. The enzymes in the saliva may contribute to the scent left on the overhanging branch at scrapes, and on rubbed trees when a deer licks or chews the branch or tree.

Interdigital Glands These glands are located between the hoofs of all four feet of white-tailed deer. The scent is left each time the deer takes a step. It is also left in large amounts when a deer stamps its foot, and when a buck makes a scrape. Each deer has its own scent, and because some of the compounds in this scent may be present in higher concentrations in mature males (3 1/2+ years), they may alert other deer of the presence of a dominant buck. Does use this scent to track their fawns, bucks use it to track does. Because scent molecules evaporate at different rates deer can determine which way another deer went by the amount of interdigital scent left behind. The scent from these glands is the primary tracking scent of deer.

Preputial Gland This gland is located on the inside of the buck's penal sheath and may be used for lubrication.

Metatarsal Glands These glands are a light tan colored circle of hair of about 1 2/3 inches in length located on the outside of the hind leg between the toe and the hock, or heel on whitetails. They are not actual glands, because they have no duct. Mule Deer exhibit the largest glands, then the Black-tailed Deer, and the White-tailed Deer. It has been suggested that blacktails open this gland when alarmed to express danger. It is not totally understood in whitetails, but I have seen it flared when two bucks fight.

Tarsal Glands These true glands appear as a tuft of erectile hairs, measure about 4 inches in diameter, and are located on the inside of the hind leg near the hock. The lactones of these glands are specific, allowing other deer to determine age and sex of the deer leaving the scent. The strong smell of the tarsal gland is caused by the deposit of urine on the deer's gland during rub-urination. Rub-urination occurs when the deer brings the back legs together and urinates over these glands. Bucks rub-urinate to display social dominance by marking themselves with the scent, and they determine social ranking by sniffing each other's tarsal. Does rub-urinate to make it easier for their young to follow them; and possibly to express social status among doe groups. Young animals rub-urinate as a means of self-marking. Part of the function of the scent from this gland may be to act as a warning signal. The scent from this gland is the primary recognition scent of deer. Rest of the story...

Deer hunting website containing reference material for deer hunting info, deer hunting stats, state deer hunting regs, deer hunts and outfitters. Deer hunting products including archery, bow hunting muzzle loading, deer hunting maps, and hunting information and regulations. DNR office listings and deer hunting photos, deerhunting, deer hunts, and other resources. Whitetail deer information. This site is devoted to whitetail deer hunting. Whitetail deer biology, whitetail magazines, whitetail hunting shows, and whitetail general information. 

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